The new BMW G 450 X Sport Enduro is a unique motorcycle that completely redefines enduro riding. That’s because it’s been designed from the ground up to deliver the sort of off-road traction dreams are made of, with a brand new single-cylinder engine and a revolutionary swing-arm design. The result is a bike that is quite simply unstoppable.

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1 Traction: Thanks to a revolutionary frame.
Unstoppable performance can only be achieved with original thinking, as seen
in the mounting of the rear swing-arm of the G 450 X. Its pivot point shares an axle line with the drive sprocket, so ensuring that the length of the drive chain and as a result, the efficiency of the transmission is not affected by the compression and rebound of the suspension. The swing-arm is significantly longer than on other bikes with a comparable wheelbase, for maximum ground contact and traction on any surface. Finally, the ground-breaking frame features perfectly straight tubing, offering exceptional structural rigidity.

2 Unstoppable traction. Thanks to an outstanding engine.
The key to unstoppable performance is an unbeatable engine. An engine like the ultra-modern DOHC single-cylinder unit found in the G 450 X*. It is angled forwards,allowing for long, straight air intakes, which in turn makes possible an optimum location for the fuel injector and the two throttle valves. The engine provides punchy yet supremely controllable responses right across the rev range. In addition, the innovative positioning of the clutch directly above the crankshaft minimizes the amount of torque it has to handle, and as a result its size and weight can be significantly reduced.

3 Traction. Thanks to an uncompromising suspension design.
To be truly unstoppable, you need outstanding grip, which means maximum ground contact at all speeds and on all surfaces. The front of the G 450 X features a fully adjustable Marzocchi upside-down fork with 300 millimetres
of travel, and effortlessly takes on even the bumpiest terrain. At the rear is a fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock suspension system, also fully adjustable and with 320 millimetres of travel.

4 Traction. Thanks to a perfect riding position.
Unstoppable performance is not just about the frame, engine and chassis. It’s also about the rider. The riding position, whether travelling uphill or down, sitting or standing, is also of vital importance to proper control of the bike. The G 450 X is exceptionally well balanced, with a slim body, and a long, flat seat. And for maximum freedom of movement, the fuel tank is located beneath the seat rather than in front of it.


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